Pressed for time? Sell and move home with Mclarens Estate Agents

As lockdown rules slowly start to soften, the property market has experienced a surge in activity, particularly with the governmental boost of stamp duty cuts for properties sold up to £500,000.
Such a surge has resulted in a range of properties available, and a rush to beat the March 2021 deadline. So, just how can you sell and move home quickly? Surrey estate agents, Mclarens are on-hand to help you sell and move quickly.

Get the price right

Of course, we would all love to get as much as possible out of our investments, but by pricing your property too high, you could value yourself out of the market. Which is why at Mclarens, not only do we know Surrey including Dorking, Leatherhead and Reigate, we do our research. We enlist leading experts who will not only value your property fairly, but who also strive to ensure every step is taken to help you achieve as close to, or exceed your agreed asking price as possible.
How do you know you’ve valued your property? You’ll reach more people who are looking to invest, in the shortest space of time.

Get the photography right

Photography is the first step in potential buyers falling in love with your property. Their inevitable next step will be to book a viewing.
Which is why it is crucial to get the photography of your property right in the first instance.
Here at Mclarens, we invest in the right photography, we invest in award winning photography.
Compliment great photography in just a few simple steps: tidy-up clutter, make the bed, chop your pillows and clear away distractions.

Get the marketing right

When selecting your representative agent, make sure you know and agree with their property marketing plan, as it will not be standard across every single estate agent.
The right agent will ensure your property reaches the right people. Many estate agents use property portals, but are they using the right one/s to cover your area? Are they listing properties on their websites, and across Social Media to reach maximum exposure? Will they email their list of interested buyers with newly instructed properties?
But it doesn’t end there. People can be put off by unhelpful property descriptions which neglect to point out the features of a home. Will your property benefit from a For Sale sign? And if so, will it be located in the right place to capture the interest of potential buyers?

Get the agent right

Estate agents sell, but not all estate agents sell well. So ensure your selected property expert are exactly that. Passion is infectious, but if an agent refrains from showing any sort of spark when selling your property, buyers may miss out, resulting in you missing out.
As well as passion, your chosen estate agent should be proactive, motivated, professional and friendly. All of which will lead to a greater chance of offers being made on your property, moving forward with a less stressful move.
At Mclarens, we never pause for a second when it comes to selling property. We walk our vendors through each step, with our expertise on-hand to ensure a smooth sale for the vendors and properties we represent.


If you would like to get your property valued by leading Surrey-based independent estate agents, contact Mclarens today 01306 779429.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Are you ready to sell, or need some advice? Are you struggling to sell or only planning to sell a little further in the future? Whatever your situation, we are here to help.