Make your new house a home with Mclarens

Here at Mclarens, your Surrey Estate Agent, we’ve come-up with some quick and easy tips to turn your brand-new house into your home.

You’ve done the hard bit; you’ve moved to a new house. You’re in your new home with boxes all around you, in the unknown.
With boxes all around you, it’s hard to imagine your house becoming a home.
  • If your floors are much to be admired, a quick, easy and fairly cheap way to make your flooring more bearable is to use rugs. This is especially useful in echoey spaces with bare floors, brighten up those areas and make them a littler comfier to live in.
  • Are your windows making you feel a little overlooked but you’re still unsure about what to cover your windows in? What about decorative or frosted window film? A great way to keep the light in, whilst retaining your privacy.
  • Cover-up those colours you’re unsure of with a lick of paint. Easy, cheap and makes the world of difference in turning your house into your home.
  • Add accessories. From soft furnishings to decorative pieces, paintings and pictures, and simple lamps, just the smallest of touches can make a huge difference to make your new home, yours.
  • Add your home scents. When turning your house into your home, remember your five senses, including smell. We all have that familiar home smell which could be easily achieved simply by putting a wax melt on, or lighting a warming candle.
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